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Submit your files for Localization, Translation or Revision

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I provide expert localization, translation and revision services to help you reach a global audience and market.
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Submit your files

If you are certain that you wish to submit your material for localization, translation or revision please complete the form on this page and attach your files.The form is designed to facilitate document submission and to provide me with all the details that I need to efficiently provide you with my services. Alternatively, you are welcome to send an email with the same information and attach your files in the normal manner. My email address is:

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Security and confidentiality

I take data security extremely seriously. All files are systematically checked for viruses on entry and exit from my computer systems – my antivirus software is updated daily, my fire walls continuously monitored. All data is backed up regularly throughout the day not only on-site onto secure, password protected media, but also off-site as well. All my hardware is constantly monitored and protected by UPS devices and I have established a disaster recovery plan to be implemented automatically if required.

Confidentiality is of course a prerequisite when dealing with a language services provider and, again, I take the same uncompromising attitude to this as I do to data security. I can use secure, encrypted, email if required and access to my project management and client account systems is though 128 bit secure socket layer transmission. Before undertaking any work I are happy to sign a binding non-disclosure confidentiality agreement and, like any serious supplier of professional services, I have full, up-to-date, professional liability insurance.

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