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Web Localization

Web Localization Services

Adapt your business for new international markets with web, app and software localization in 25 languages

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Target Global Markets

Localization is the process of translating and adapting a website, software program or application into another language in order to make it linguistically, culturally and legally appropriate for a particular country or region. It is the essential element of international digital expansion for your business.

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Web localization

Start targeting international markets and grow your business with a localized web presence.

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App localization

Grow your user base and store ratings by localizing your app for global markets.

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Software localization

Expand the reach of your software products with full-service localization and testing services.

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Grow your Business Internationally

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High-quality localization is the key to successful international market entry. The language that your company or brand uses impacts on the image that you wish to present and, above all, on your chances of being successful. This is particularly true when targeting new markets with different languages. The localized content has to effectively communicate with, and sell to, the targeted international audience and be adapted to the target market's socio-cultural, geopolitical, legal and economic environments.
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To overcome the complex and difficult challenges that localization can sometimes present, I can create a cost-effective implementation strategy for your company that will encompass all the different aspects of the localization process including research, analysis, testing and implementation. Contact me for more information or a free localization analysis for your business.

Website Localization

The quickest and most effective way to grow your business today is to expand into new markets by creating a localized web presence. Research shows that companies that do so achieve faster growth and generate more revenue than those that remain in their home markets. It is known that 56 percent of consumers consider the ability to receive information in their own language to be more important than price and that 85 percent of all consumers will not make a purchase if web content is not available in their native language.

In addition, there are important competitive advantages and SEO benefits associated with website localization. With a correctly localized website there is a substantial gain in new organic traffic, user experience is improved, conversion rates are increased, backlinks are increased and, as a result, overall domain authority is enhanced. Most English language web pages are now fully optimized and competition is very high. However, it is estimated that approximately 50 percent of foreign language pages are still not correctly optimized. The localized version of your website could therefore quickly reach a high ranking position even if it does not currently have an effective rank in English.

There has never been a better time to go global with your business online, gain a competitive advantage over your competition, and experience the benefits of a localized web presence.

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Download a Services Catalogue

Discover the full range of digital globalization services available in the current services catalogue. The GlobalStart network of translators, localizers, marketers and digital consultants offers your business a unique resource of over 1000 specialists working in 25 different languages. Trust our combined experience to grow your company internationally.

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Delivering maximum ROI with each project delivered

I have the experience to understand your needs and deliver the growth your business requires. Contact me for a free evaluation or to discuss your plans. ” button_color=”Accent-Color” desktop_cols_flickity=”3″ desktop_small_cols_flickity=”2″ tablet_cols_flickity=”1″ column_padding=”50px” autorotate=”true” border_radius=”10px” enable_column_border=”true” autorotation_speed=”7000″ cta_button_text=”Contact me” cta_button_url=””][item id=”1567259725-1-84″ tab_id=”1567259918180-1″ title=”Item”][nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”basic” quote=”Our own customers are very demanding and it is vital for us to work with partners who understand our requirements. You have always handled our projects on time, within budget, and very professionally.” name=”Sony, Tokyo, Japan.”]
[/item][item id=”1567260142374-0-8″ tab_id=”1567259918180-1″ title=”Item”][nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”basic” quote=”I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with us during this project. Thank you in particular for your excellent technical competence and advice, as well as the help you gave us on improving our own processes.” name=”Bosch, Gerlingen, Germany.”]
[/item][item id=”1567260143198-0-5″ tab_id=”1567259918180-1″ title=”Item”][nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”basic” quote=”You have done an outstanding job, especially considering the very technical contents. We greatly appreciate your focus on quality and will continue to use you for our localization requirements. ” name=”Air Liquide, Antwerp, Belgium.”]

Why not join my growing list of prestigious clients and benefit from a global web presence?

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Go Global Today

Start targeting international markets and grow your business with web localization. Contact me for more information or advice.

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