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Go Global Audit

Are you considering going global with your business?

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Ask me for a Go Global Audit which includes a full analysis of how you can develop your company or brand internationally online. You will receive a comprehensive report on any changes you need to make and an easy to follow, step-by-step, roadmap to set you on your path to success.

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The Essential Blueprint for your Company to Expand Internationally Online

A Go Global Audit is a valuable investment and will save you a great deal of time, money and stress when targeting new markets and growing your business.

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Discover your path to new international markets

There has never been a better time to go global with your business on the web, but exactly how and where do you start? How do you know you have chosen the right countries, regions or languages to target? Are you sure you can expand successfully with your current organizational structures? A Go Global Audit will give you not only the answers but also the processes you need to grow your business worldwide.

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Implementation by yourself or an agency

One of the fundamental concepts of the Go Global Audit is that it empowers all sizes of businesses to expand internationally online with a step-by-step roadmap that can be easily followed or shared. If you have the necessary skills and resources you can choose to carry out the implementation yourself and, in the process, save the money you would have spent on an agency.

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Business Analysis:
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  • Business systems
  • Digital systems
  • Upscaling
  • Fulfilment
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Risk Analysis:
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  • Geopolitical
  • Security
  • Economic
  • Competition
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Market Analysis:
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  • Research
  • Analytics
  • Entry modes
  • Recommendations
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  • Systems
  • Localization
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing

50% reduction if you implement with GlobalStart

If you do choose to use an agency to implement your Go Global Audit roadmap, I sincerely hope that you will choose the GlobalStart team and myself for a successful launch in your new markets. I will already know your business and this will help reduce the necessary time and costs involved. I will also reduce the cost of the audit by 50% and this will be deducted from your GlobalStart invoice.

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Is government funding possible?

Many governments are introducing recovery funds for businesses that can be used to cover the costs of exporting to new markets online. In the UK, for example, the Department for International Trade has launched an internationalization fund of between £1,000 and £9,000 that could be used to pay for a Go Global Audit and any associated services. Please check with your own relevant authority for details.

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Available worldwide, 100% online process

For your business, the audit process is straightforward and carried out completely online via email, surveys and virtual meetings. Temporary access to web analytics and associated services will need to be granted to me. Data security and confidentiality is maintained at all times and is compliant with ISO certification 9001. A non-disclosure confidentiality agreement is included in the initial setup.

For myself, producing an audit can take many hours of work. I have chosen, however, to offer the Go Global Audit for a fixed price of £995 (+ VAT) in a bid to encourage the widest range of businesses possible to expand from local to global markets.

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 Contact me if you have any questions or need some more information

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