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Web services for a global marketplace

I can connect your business to new online markets and create a successful international expansion strategy for your company.

From Local to Global

I am a digital globalization consultant focused on helping companies succeed internationally online. I help my clients develop an international web presence and aim their products and services at a global market - not just a local one.


I can globalize your websites, marketing materials and products into 25 different languages to make them linguistically, culturally and legally adapted for your target markets.



Let me create a successful digital globalization strategy for your business that will allow you to target the correct international markets for your products and services.



Learn how to expand your business internationally with a digital globalization training session or workshop. The training is adapted to the specific needs and size of your company.



Web content is vitally important. My services cover all aspects of creating, translating, reviewing and managing global digital content in 25 different languages.



I supply a full range of global web marketing services including SEM, PPC, analytics, e-commerce, blogging and social media management.



I provide a whole range of international SEO services. A selection includes: global SEO consulting, Hreflang implementation, SEO competitor analysis, SEO linguistic analysis and SEO keyword research.


A Digital Globalization Expert

All the services I offer benefit from the following advantages:

The GlobalStart network

Since 1995, I have developed the GlobalStart network of translators, localizers, marketers and digital consultants. This has created a resource of over 1000 specialists working in 25 languages.

Best quality at the best price

GlobalStart can match the quality and far exceed the range of services provided by most language service companies but at a consistently lower cost – often up to 40% cheaper.

25 languages

I am proud to offer a range of 100 digital globalization services in 25 different languages, from web globalization and translation to global strategy, SEO, content and marketing.

Digital and linguistic expertise

I am a highly experienced digital consultant and linguist, I have successfully combined my skills to create a global skill set that can perfectly assist companies in their international expansion.

Certified skills

I am certified by the Localization Institute in localizing websites and media, and managing international SEO, global content and global digital marketing campaigns.

25 years of experience

I have continuously supplied digital globalization services to companies worldwide for 25 years. This experience allows me to constantly evolve and meet the changing needs of my clients.

An international SEO specialist

Reach new markets

If you have a product or service that can be delivered internationally, either digitally via the web or physically by shipment, I can help grow your business using international SEO techniques that I have developed and used for over 20 years.

There are still many more opportunities to achieve premier search listings internationally than nationally. Additionally, using international SEO, you have the ability to offset your local competition and achieve a strategic advantage by expanding to new markets before your competitors do.

Web Globalization

Companies that globalize successfully achieve faster growth and generate more revenue than those that don’t. To be effective at generating leads and sales a globalized website has to be adapted to the target market’s linguistic, socio-cultural, geopolitical, legal and economic environments. I can manage and implement this process for you and help you create the most successful web globalization strategy for your business.

From mobile and social media to your website, I can help you define and implement the most successful global web strategy.
Grow your business internationally

I can help you develop and implement the correct digital and business strategies to successfully expand your company into new international markets.

Global Digital Strategy and Analysis

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I am passionate about helping companies develop and exploit international opportunities.

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